Film & Television 

Completed Projects

“Louis Says” (3 season-52 total episodes)

Animated Children Series 

Description: Louis Says is preschool animated television series that follows the adventures of a 6-year-old boy named Randy as he helps Louis, a Cree elder, with his work around the community. Every day Randy arrives at Louis’ house and receives instructions for a task that he has to complete, but there’s one problem: Louis speaks mostly Cree and little English, while Randy only speaks English. Before Randy can help his neighbors, he first has to learn what the Cree words in the instructions mean. Randy’s best friend Katie and his dog Osky join him on his adventures as they continue to help their community while learning new words in Cree. 

Financial participation: Louis Says is produced in association with APTN with funding by CMF, Creative Saskatchewan, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

“Jim Brady: In the Footsteps of the Métis Leader” 

Documentary Film

Description: set primarily in Northern Saskatchewan, the one-hour documentary explores and celebrates the life of James Patrick Brady, one of Western Canada’s most intriguing and influential Métis political leaders and activists. 

Financial participation: film was produced in association with APTN and SCN and with funding by CMF, Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

“People that Changed Lives” 

TV Documentary Series 

Description: this 6-part series examines the profiles and success stories of individuals who significantly impacted the people’s lives in remote Métis villages, reserves and rural communities in northern Saskatchewan. Series was broadcast on APTN and SCN.

Financial participation: APTN, SCN, Canada Media Fund, Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

Projects in Production

“Sonny’s World” (20 episodes)

Animated Children Series

Description: For Lina and Ethan to continue to visit their friend Sonny in the Magical World, they must apply science to convince the Magic Inspectors there's magic on Earth too. 
Financial participation: Rogers/City Saskatchewan, CMF, Creative Saskatchewan, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

Projects in Development

“Indigrams” (26 episodes)

Animated Children Series 

Description: To help their community 7-year-old Aiyana and 6-year-old Iktan must catch Indigrams-magical trickster creatures who guard wisdom and lessons inspired by indigenous cultures. 
Development funding provided by Creative Saskatchewan and Landslide Entertainment 

“Moccasin Enterprises” (13 episodes)

Documentary Series 

Description: Moccasin Enterprises follows five aboriginal entrepreneurs through the business and persona; lives. The show will capture the ups and downs, conflicts and real-life drama in the workplace and at home.

Series is developed in association with APTN and with funding by CMF and Creative Saskatchewan.   

“Moving to the Snow” (90 min.)

Comedy Feature Film 

A family leaves the hectic snowless cityscape of Berlin to experience real winter in the northern Canadian prairies. Underestimating the difficulties of such a venture leads to a series of comical mishaps in the bush.

Nimble’s Diary (26 episodes) 

Animated Series

Nimble is a curious kid from Baostar, a deeply special planet with mysterious secrets. When he’s given a strange, powerful diary, Nimble is rocketed into a world of adventure and danger. Soon, he and his best friends are battling to save Baostar from destruction. 

Now That Makes Me Mad! (13 episodes) 

Unscripted Series 

This TV series takes a seriously funny look at the most common things that make us all blow a gasket at rude drivers, abusive telemarketers, or careless food servers. In each episode, people will put to the test in a ridiculous, rage-inducing, over-the-top situation which will hilariously challenge them to use effectively the silly coping strategies the host has given them. Will they Pass or Fail?